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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wow - where have I been?

Don't get much (ahem any) foot traffic on here so it has allowed me to get lazy. However how am I EVER going to get anywhere if I don't write.

It is a long story, but I lost my password, couldn't figure it out one night and then I simply got lost in the holidays.

The holidays for us was very simple actually. Living in Colorado now I have found that since there is no family around us, that the holidays are relatively simple. However with us getting into the middle of January, and I STILL have not sent out ANY presents or cards.... they are here I assure you, I just haven't sent them.... maybe it isn't as simple as I thought. Hehehe

But we are back into full swing, we have found a new home school group and hired a new piano teacher. I realized math was getting hard for T and that we should bump him up a level. He is now on 3rd grade books and much happier. He loves math.

It is amazing because you learn so much more about your kids when you are teaching them. This should be a given of course, however really when it comes down to it you learn things you wouldn't think you would. For example, I have learned that my son is good at reading, he can read, but he is for some reason embarrassed about it. He likes to take things at his own pace in reading and English, but in math and science he is a little show off. Each subject he learns differently, rather than just having a learning style. It's all relative I suppose.

We are getting back in the new groove though, and more active with other kids, finally getting settled, making friends and such. So all is well. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks Tristan will have some friends - you know the kind he actually knows their names and such? HA!

We have been thinking about moving AGAIN. The more we get settled with T's community and friends though, it is looking like less and less of an option. This is or can be one of the downsides of home schooling - though realistically I guess it would be a down side if he was in public school as well.

I will keep everyone posted though and work on getting some more traffic on here. This means I will somehow have to figure out how to be more interesting!

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