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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back from the holidays!

Well.. that was quite a long hiatus. The Clan Campbell made their way to California and saw family, the ocean, and what it takes to manage kids from 2 - 15 in a car for over 13 hours. Wow! It was certainly fun though. I personally had my fill of Starbucks to last me until the next time I venture out of Idaho and it was great seeing people I haven't in oh so long.

Now, we are back to the grind and the oldest is studying volcanoes. The smallest is working on his shapes and colors. Mom and dad are still kind of recovering! It's crazy that as you get older, you need a vacation from your vacation!

I will be having quite a few projects for kids of both ages being posted soon but in the mean time, tell us about it... How was your holiday and what are you planning for the new year?