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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall - A good time to get moving

Tristan taking a break over the bridge
Enjoying the view
It's fall and while summer and spring get the posts about being active outside, fall is a great time to get out and spend time incorporating activity in your curriculum. Recently, we bought bikes and have been exploring the small town we live in and some of the more nature and to work up before we put on some holiday pounds.

I think it is important to keep the kids active and it doesn't hurt for me either! Recently, we came up with an idea to take the camera with us and take some photos from the road while we are biking and I wanted to share some shots from a recent ride.

Sunset pic
 It's amazing how you can incorporate learning into everyday fun activities!

I have also found that taking the camera keeps him interested in going out and being active with mom.
 We worked in our photography lesson plan about taking reflective shots here. Tristan took the first one and of course I took the second.
Spending time with the kids is important and as homeschooling parents it is our responsibility to instill a good outlook for future health. What are some things that you do with your kids for physical education?

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