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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Great List of Crafts for Kids!

I don't know about you, but we are in Idaho... and it's raining. A lot. This is not usual weather for us and so I was kind of taken back. I had nothing planned. *sigh* So I checked my email and lo and behold, I had a list of craft ideas sent over from my good friend, Cynthia. She's awesome like that and always has a ton of resources for homeschoolers.
Just in case you were looking for something to do inside with your little ones, I thought I would share the wealth. It's always good to find crafts for kids anyway - especially with the winter weather coming. Whether you are looking for interesting ways to keep kids entertained during the winter or you would are just looking to add on to your elementary / toddler lesson plans, here is a huge list with a lot of craft information.
This list includes crafts for toddlers to older children, with many of the sites appropriate for a wide age range. There are also individual crafts and group projects that can be easily adapted for homeschool children. I went through the list and added a few of my own as well and hope that you find this a pretty comprehensive and helpful list for art ideas.
Crafts for Toddlers and Smaller Hands
Sticker Glue:
Art project that is geared toward younger kids. It involves making an edible glue that little ones can apply to the back of paper to make their own stickers. We have begun using this recipe to make an alphabet sticker book :) Pictures should be coming soon for that one!

Home Made Paint - I actually posted this a while back, but thought I would include it in the list since it is a great way to do art with smaller kids and a cheaper option to buying your own finger paint!

Craft Projects for Elementary Aged Kids (and beyond)
A great way to reuse old plastic bottles is to make jewelry out of them! This site has a craft project using sharpies, plastic bottles, and a bit of creative know how. Simple projects that require some supervision.

Plastic Bag Beads: I know I have more plastic bags than I can ever possibly use stored under my kitchen sink. Here's a creative use for some of them. Because this craft requires the use of open flame, it is suitable for older kids only.

More Beads! Can't get enough beads? Do you have magazines lying around collecting dust? Well, here's a link to a craft where you make beads from paper.

Self Made Clay: (Homemade Clay) Polymer clay is amazingly versatile, but a bit pricey. Here's a recipe where you can make your own.

These next few links are yarn and weaving crafts:
Paper Plate Weaving -- Great for little hands and teaching dexterity.  

Bracelet Crafts:

If you still want more crafts suitable for teens, here is a collection of links with tons of resources:

Of course, there are many more craft ideas for kids out there but this should be enough to get you started. If there is a page that you love, please share! We'd love to add more ideas to the list!



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