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Monday, February 17, 2014

We're Going to the Life is Good Unschooling Conference!

Have you heard about the unschool conference called Life is Good? If you haven't and you are an unschooling family, then you will certainly want to check it out. There are a number of conferences being held this year, but this is one of the ones that we are most excited about. Held from May 22 to May 25 in Vancouver, Washinton this conference is going to be great! Geared towards families with children of all ages, there is going to be a lot going on throughout including a talent show, funshops a pajama party, and a "prom". Additionally the Life is Good conference is going to have a number of presenters that are bound to inform and inspire.

One that I am really excited about is Robyn Coburn. She is such a positive person and I love reading her blog. If you haven't checked her out, she is an amazing writer and she has a number of great craft ideas on her website. As we have gone from more structured homeschooling to unschooling, I have found a wealth of inspiration on her page and now I get to hear her speak in person! Woohoo!

Kimya Dawson - of the famed Moldy Peaches - is also going to be there! You may have heard her sing in the movie Juno. We love her. My older son was actually a bit worried since he didn't know people that were going to be going and then I told him that she was going to be performing and he was hooked.

Unschooling is a great way to educate. It is an option that encourages a loving environment and children to learn on their own. If you don't know much about unschooling or this philosophy then you may want to check out the conference too. Just because you haven't been doing this kind of home education, doesn't mean that you can't attend. What better way to immerse yourself, make new friends, and learn about the style than by checking it out firsthand?

This is going to be able to be a family vacation for us. As a bonus, we haven't been to Portland before and the convention is not far away. It is going to give us a chance to be able to see people that we haven't seen in a while (we have friends in Eugene and they are coming up) and we plan to also explore the area. We are super excited about this unschool event!

Are you planning on going? Share your excitement with us! We'd love to meet new people while we are there!

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